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Double Up Set
Double Up Set

Double Up Set

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The 'NavyBaby Double Up Set' includes 38 items in total with 2 of every item! This set is popular amoungst Early Childhood Services and other groups of larger children!

With a total of 38 items, it’s a go to set for age differing siblings, twins or if you are wanting more for one baby to explore with . Each resource specifically targets creative, open ended play that fosters children to imagine, discover and delve into the world of natural investigation. All items align with heuristic, loose part play philosophies.

The 38 items are developmentally appropriate for children up to 30 months of age. As we continue to source quality, affordable and safe items for our sets, the items can change from order to order. Your set items are chosen at random from our full loose part range. 

Our Double Up Set is delivered in a cotton drawstring bag, stamped with our branding. This facilitates our love of natural, sustainable packaging. All sets include a formal description of the benefits of heuristic, loose parts play and learning.

No Basket Included. 

Please do take the time to read our NavyBaby Caution Disclaimer. We advise supervised play at all times.