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Ring Stacker Set
Ring Stacker Set

Ring Stacker Set

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This NavyBaby Stacker Set is sure to be a hit in any house hold!

We have been working alongside a talented, local craftsman who has handmade the base and rod using natural, untouched wood cuts that are sourced here in the deep south.

The Stacker Set promotes opportunities for children to refine hand eye co-ordination, placement skills, visual and spatial perception, crossing own midline and cause and effect outcomes.

The rings also can be used to explore circulatory schemas and are a fantastic addition to existing Base Sets and Top Up Sets.

Your Set will include: 8 natural wooden rings of differing sizes. 1 wooden base and 1 single rod (a screw is provided for assembly, with a pre drilled hole). You will need a phillips screw driver.

The wood is naturally soft so the assembly is nice and easy. The dimensions of the base and rod are: Approximately 155 mm in height / 100mm wide. The dimension of the smallest ring can be: 50mm

Caution: Items have been checked for quality assurance, however please ensure all objects are checked prior to use (in the chance of shipping damage) and are continually monitored for general wear and tear reasons. As stated above, this set does include a screw. Please ensure while unpackaging you locate and secure it. Screws are a choking hazard and fixing of the screw should be solely completed by an adult, out of reach of all children. We recommend applying a super glue to the screw hole before assembly to maximise safety. We advise all play to be supervised by an adult at all times.