Forest Set

Forest Set

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The NavyBaby 'Forest Set' includes 10 NavyBaby items. This collection is inspired by our love for wooden resources and sustainability. Delve into the wooden world with this ready made Set, or purchase as an add on to other NavyBaby Sets to grow your heuristic resource collection. 

The 10 objects are developmentally appropriate for children up to 30 months of age. Each resource specifically targets creative, open ended play that fosters children to imagine, discover and delve into the world of natural investigation. All items align with heuristic, loose part play philosophies.

Included in the Forest Set;
Wooden Ring, Wooden Peg, Peg Person, Wooden Salt Scoop, Wooden Thin Cloud, Wooden Block, Wooden Egg, Wooden Rod, Wooden Bump and a Wooden Star. Our Wooden Set is delivered in your choice of our organza or cotton drawstring bag which facilitates our love of natural, sustainable packaging.

All sets include a formal description of the benefits of heuristic, loose parts play and learning.   

Basket not included. You can purchase a variety of baskets for your Set by going back to the Shop. 

Please do take the time to read our NavyBaby Caution Disclaimer. We advise supervised play at all times.  Note: Items listed are relevant to when purchase is made. As we continue to source affordable, quality and safe items there is the rare occasion some items may be out of stock and replaced with another. In this event the list will be altered to represent this.