Meet The Team

Hello and Welcome to NavyBaby!

We absolutely love interacting with our customers and always strive to provide excellent customer service through our communications with you all.

We are sisters originally from Central Otago, New Zealand. We have a strong passion for how young children learn and the importance of heuristic play philosophies. Our aim is to provide children with open ended items through heuristic / loose part play sets. This type of play encourages opportunities for young children to discover, imagine, create and direct their own organic learning and free play.
In May 2017 we finally took the plunge and launched NavyBaby! We believe every child deserves opportunities to play and discover with more natural, real world items and wanted to create awareness (and accessibility) of this type of play philosophy across New Zealand. We focus on affordable, quality products that meet toy safety standards. We are continually grateful for the support and encouragement we have had so far! It is an incredible feeling reaching many children through parents, caregivers and educators across Aotearoa that are invested in heuristic play opportunities.


I am a stay at home Mum in the deep south. I love getting outside and exploring our amazing country with my Husband and our two young girls. I am passionate about how the natural environment and real world items can be a wonderful tool for learning. Learning about heuristic play items and the benefits, has been so eye opening and watching my girls grow with these items gives me a deep desire to continue growing NavyBaby and reaching more parents and educators. When I do find spare time I love anything involving fresh air, water and family! I'm enjoying working alongside my sister and love hearing back from so many parents and educators about their happy, engaged babies who are flourishing with open ended NavyBaby products!


I am a stay at home Mum in Central Otago. I am a qualified, registered early childhood teacher who specializes in respectful care practices. My practice as a Head Teacher (Infant/Toddler room) and as a Visiting Teacher (home based) has embedded my admiration for the work of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler. This fostered my passion for open ended items and free play, stripping back to basics. I love using heuristic, loose part play items to provide greater outcomes for children. They can nurture a calm, respectful environment where children can naturally develop at their own pace, grow and flourish their creativity, inner voice and self belief. Collaborating with my sister has been an amazing experience, we both bring strengths to the partnership and are always actively planning for how we can educate and advocate for the benefits of heuristic, loose part play.

Latoya & Chloe x