"Max absolutely loves his basket of toys; he's mouthed some (and realized that fur in his mouth is a bit yucky!), did some banging and discovered which objects made the best noise, and over turned the entire basket off the kitchen bench.. Exploration at its best! We can't wait to add to his basket as he grows. Thank you" - Debbie
 "Still loving all the items even though most are trapped under the couch now. Unlike the other (expensive) toys we have she doesn't get sick of them and will happily play with them for hours and days on end". - Stephanie
 "She loves rubbing the fur over her face and the make up brush too. As well as banging things made of different materials together, to make lots of different sounds". - Kowhai
 "We love our basket! Thank you. Our intended recipient is still a little small but luckily has an older brother to show him all the treasures". - Laura
 "Hi there. Thought you might like to see a picture of my 6 month old playing with her set. Today she grabbed the basket and tipped all of the contents out around her and picked up different objects to play with. She loves exploring everything and can occupy herself for quite a long time. Thanks for a great product". - Juilet
 "I still love our set so so much. Two months on and I absolutely love watching Pia use every object and how her play changes as she gets older. Sometimes if she has a couple of days without her set, it's like she's never seen it before and she will be completely wrapped up in discovering it again for solid periods of time. Our set is by far the best resource for her learning we have ...at home. Your doing excellent work I can't rate this stuff highly enough!!" - Talia
 "Thank you for the quality and variety of resources that come with your base set. Evie has just started grabbing and has found it very interesting that things in her hands can end up in her mouth. A whole lot of exploration and curiosity going on this morning".- Emma
 "My daughter Taylor absolutely loves going through her basket of goodies. Always with a curious frown on her face as she examines each object closely!" - Sherry
 "We received our set last week! Once we excitedly opened the courier bag we were greeted with the most beautifully wrapped parcel. I carefully unwrapped our presious new treasures and put them in the basket next to Hudson. He had a blast exploring what happens when he bangs the tools together. He spent a good 25 minutes discovering what his new treasures can do. I cant wait to see where his development leads him next. I'm really impressed with the quality of each item and highly recommend!" - Kylie
 "Arthur is still loving his basket, as well as his new ring stacker. He literally only plays with this basket - there is always so much for him to explore and do. His big sisters (3 & 5) also enjoy playing with the items as well as using them to play with him - and I love it because how often are all 3 kiddies entertained?!" - Amy
 "Both my 5 month old and my 5 year old are getting lots of enjoyment out of their basket!" - Kerrie
 My two babes (Mr 3 & Miss 1) have been outside all afternoon with your set! I have always loved reading your posts and have learnt so much from the information sheet inside the package too. Now I'm watching them both play without me, completely engrossed and actually understand the message you guys are getting across. Thanks so much, can't wait to buy more sets for friends in the future! A game changer for first birthdays and baby showers 👏" - Alison
 "Guy loved his set from the moment it arrived! I haven't seen him this focused in play like this in a long time. Such an eye opener! The information sheet was a real bonus, Thank you!" - Amy
 "Hunter is rapt, he LOVES his set! ❤️" - Dani
 "Thank you NavyBaby! Ruby absolutely loves her NavyBaby treasure basket. Every item gets played with so much! She loves the feel of all the different textures. Her favourite is the coconut shell spoon at the moment. I have recommended these baskets to everyone!"  - Katie
 "Thanks for Samantha's Set. It's wonderful observing her free play with her new objects. I've noticed how her play is so different! She is doing things I've never seen her do before. 
Each piece in this set is such good quality with so many differing textures and items that really compliment each other. Will definitely be ordering more!".- Mel
 "Frankie loves her new set! She has the opportunity everyday to engage with her items in her yes space. And each day a different object is explored. It is so cool seeing her playing with such natural beautiful pieces. Thank you!" - Jacynda
 "Yay! Our package arrived this morning! Theo loves his new items! Thank you. We spend a lot of time on the floor as he is in a brace for clubfeet. Loving that your products will help aid in his development". xx - Courtney
 "This is amazing!! My package has just been delivered! Wow! I feel like a kid at Christmas with everything in here. The items are beautiful!! He absolutely loves his basket. He has gone through the whole basket exploring the different textures. He is also discovering that he can create noises and sounds which is awesome too!! Thank you sooo much for these beautiful items." - Ninette
 "Arthur had his first chance to explore his basket this morning. He's fascinated". - Amy Prouse
 "Some peaceful afternoon play! He loves scooping the egg in and out of the cup! Really loving our new play basket! Thanks".  - Georgina
 "I need more of these for gifts! I got home and put the items in the basket and my wee girl hasn't looked at me since. She loves it!! Can I please order two more. Thanks so much". - Jessica
 "Thank you for the treasure basket - our wee Dylan is loving it". - Michelle
 "Thank you so much for our basket! Lorelai is loving her set and I'm sure the other children I look after will love it too when they arrive this morning". - Krista
 "I think judging by my little ones face of concentration (tongue out) and enjoyment this was a definite Christmas present fave! Thank you for making it easy to buy a readymade kit of interesting items for her development!." - Philippa Cadwallader
 "Miss Scarlett received her NavyBaby set for Xmas and she loves it! She can spend a good 15mins just rifling through it and chewing on certain items. It’s a big hit in our house. It’s also lots of fun to tip the contents out over and over again . Thank you so much NavyBaby!". - Nicola Chittock  
 "We bought the mini set for my 4 month old. She’s starting to learn to grasp and place items in her mouth and these resources are perfect for that! Each item has a different texture and sensory experience - she spends 10-20 minutes of meaningful exploration with these wonderful heuristic resources. Undoubtedly as she grows I will happily continue to grow her collection. So happy and highly recommend!". - Jordan White
 "Thanks NavyBaby for our gorgeous treasure basket which is being enjoyed by both our 6 month old little boy and our 6 year old big girl. Such gorgeous items with so many options for play. It was initially just for our little boy who loves to examine his treasure basket through sight, touch and taste! But our big girl uses them for open-ended imaginative role playing too. What a win! - Eunice Price
 "Scarlett loved her first Christmas, especially exploring her treasure basket. She has only played with it a few items, so has more to discover yet. The range of textures in one basket is fantastic. I highly recommend!!" - Kerry-Anne
 "We just couldn't wait until Chrismas for Poppy to explore her Heuristic Play Treasure Basket! In the space of 20 minutes she had individually picked out every item, inspecting and tasting and shaking and sometimes throwing each one. Any items she particularly liked she would roll onto her back so she could get a better look. I think it's fair to say that the giant button was her favourite as she kept going back to it. Thank you so much!". - Jemma Adsett "This set is amazing! I love to see my daughter discover the different textures and feelings. There is always a new favourite each time we get the set out. I find she enjoys these natural pieces and textures much better than plastic toys. They are especially good for sore gums." - Siobhan Catherine "My son Arlo loves his set!". - Samantha Lea
 "Hi there! My 6 month old loves his NavyBaby set. He enjoys exploring the different textures (usually with his mouth). It’s a hit with the toddlers who come up visit so I know it will get lots of use. It’s going to be my go-to new baby gift". - Nicole Measures
 "Christmas morning unwrapping her toys! Shes playing with her fav chain in the second photo and she loves it! Thank You so much for the amazing set, my little girls favourite of all her toys! She plays with this the most!". - Naezea Ryan
 "Bodhi and Coda love playing with the bag of goodies. Coda was given this for chrismas and she hasn't touch any of her other toys since. Absolutely love it. Thanks sooo much and keep up what you're doing. M xx". - Marisa Lorigan
 "Lola loves the set!". - Allie Bower
 "We got your BEAUTIFUL basket!! Thank you so much!! I was actually teary yesterday watching them interact with these objects in a way I've never seen them interact with their other toys. As an ECE teacher I am PASSIONATE about open ended play objects like these that allow kids to be creative and imaginative. - Shawn