Our Philosophy


Here at NavyBaby we are passionate about how young children learn. We know that play is the key to all learning discoveries and that real, open ended resources provide better outcomes for children to develop creativity, imagination and sustained play.

Heuristic play items are extremely important for your little one. Objects that are included within our NavyBaby Sets are all open ended items and materials with no specific set of directions, that can be used alone or combined with others. Having open ended play items fosters greater opportunities for creativity, imagination and positive learning associations that affirm your babies capabilities and in turn promote deeper learning and independent play (with little to no adult intervention). The catch here, is that with heuristic play, there is no right or wrong way! So your baby will become less frustrated, less dependent on adult help to achieve something and as a result will delve into free, authentic learning that steams from the childs ideas - how empowering!

The most effective play items allow endless opportunities for the child to self direct. Play items that are "open resources". They are what the child wants them to be and they do what the child wants them to do. The child directs the play and therefore is empowered to think for themselves. To imagine, discover, investigate and think deeper than the surface. Over time children construct, deconstruct and reconstruct their ideas, thoughts, conclusions and working theories about objects in a way that boosts cognitive function and affirms self esteem and confidence.

Young children are refining crucial life long skills while engaging in such sustained open ended play such as problem solving, trial and error, perseverance, persisting with difficulty, fine gross motor control, independence, self help skills, critical thinking skills and concentration - all cognitive development important to facilitate in the early years.

Heuristic - Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.

Loose parts - Objects and materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play. With endless possibilities of play, they provide a high level of creativity and choice and develop children's imagination.

We would love to chat more about our philosophies with you and welcome your questions and conversations. Please do contact us if you would like to know more about the NavyBaby way!