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Our most frequently asked questions when making your purchase..

What Set should I buy my 8 week old?

We designed the 'Baby's first' Set for newborns. The perfect first 10 items for investigation.

Are all Sets suitable for any age?

Yes. You can always choose items within a set to introduce to your child first. Then as time passes offer more or add to your collection.

I'm purchasing for a group. What would be best?

It's best we help you specifically. Email or message us and we'll be sure to help for your personal needs.

Have a baby under 5 months old?

The 'Baby's First' Set includes 10 items voted most popular for this age bracket. Boasting texture and variety, this assortment is the perfect starting point.

Have a baby between 6 months & 1 year?

The best seller 'Base Set' is a winner every time. 19 individual items to grow with and explore. Making this set a top gift for that special 1st birthday present.

For children over 3 years?

Props in play are a win for any play space. We suggest our Shawls, Rainbow Folk and Coloured Balls. Take a browse of our resource section and discover other treasures too.

Children between 1 year and 3 years of age?

The versatile Play Shawl will become your new best friend. A prop like no other, ideal for setting the scene, a foundation to play and an item that transforms into a multitude of possibilities.

Your child will gravitate towards the Rainbow Folk. Watch them transform into any play way or theme. 12 in a Set, this clan bring colour and opportunities galore.

The list goes on! Check out the pack of 100 sticks, coloured balls and of course the NavyBaby PlayClub where you'll find hundreds of ways to bring your purchases to life!

For the Messy Play lovers..

Meet the 'Messy Play' Set. This assortment of utensils and vessels is a match made in heaven for any play lover!

The versatility on offer with this collection is endless. It's easy to clean, re-use and is made to last the distance.

If you're thinking is it too soon? You won't regret your purchase. This set of course is an array of loose parts that can be used in any which way.


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