Coloured Sticks

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Say hello to our Coloured Sticks! A Set of 100 simple sticks not to be underestimated at first glance!

Enjoy building structures, making roads, matching colours, balancing creations.. oh the opportunities! Perhaps your older child will relish in the history (15th century) of Leonardo Da Vinci's creative mind and the physics he shared with the world in building bridges and structures with nothing but sticks just like this (a fascinating google if you're interested!).

Your pack of 100 sticks will be a unique selection of colours that vary within each pack. Made with Linden Wood and coated with a non toxic - water based stain. By far the most beautiful element is the natural markings that surface once stained. Being stained by hand some imperfections can occur. 

Age Recommendation: 3 years and over. 
Dimension per stick: 180mm x 20mm x 3mm.