Foster Hope Item

Gifting Options

When you purchase a 'Foster Hope' item, you are giving another child the gift of play. 
Together we can make a difference to children in need throughout New Zealand. 

Every December, all gifted items purchased will be directly bundled, packaged, and sent to Foster Hope for less fortunate children to enjoy. A small collection of treasures at a time of year when receiving even a handful of items can mean the world to a child.

With a large gap in donations for children under 2, we partnered with Foster Hope to ensure our gifts are going to those who need them the most. When you purchase a 'Foster Hope' item, a baby or toddler will not only enjoy something for themselves this Christmas, but that gift opens a world of play for the child. It evolves with them, lasts through months of uncertain times & is their very own collection.

We can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity to help another child have the opportunity to experience open-ended play, because play matters. 

Please understand that when buying this item, you're donating this item to children within the foster system at Foster Hope. This item will not be coming to you. The items chosen will be of random choice, a variety amongst themselves to make the experience as large as possible. Bundles will be in packs of 5 with no doubled items.