Luxe Set

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The NavyBaby Luxe Set

A stunning collection of elegant, timeless loose parts. We took our time curating this selection. Adding an element of sleek and style. This Set has the wow factor and proves a popular choice that is enjoyed by all. 

Luxe Set Items:

  1. Macramé Ring
  2. Rainbow Tassel
  3. Custom Designed Peg - Currently replaced with 1x Wooden Pea Pod
  4. Custom Designed Honey Dipper
  5. Wooden Pestle
  6. Wooden Pebble
  7. Large Wooden Spoon
  8. Stainless Steel Triangle
  9. 'A' Grade Wooden Ring
  10. Deluxe Peg Figure - Currently replaced with 1x Wooden Chess Piece

Delivered in your choice of an organza or cotton drawstring bag. Including a formal description of the benefits of heuristic, loose part play and learning.  

Open ended play supports your child in a multitude of ways: 

  • Targeting key areas of brain development 
  • Sparking self-directed, independent play 
  • Offering a sensory experience where children are exposed to a variety of weights, shapes, sizes, feelings, smells and temperatures. 
  • Construct, deconstruct and reconstruct working theories 
  • Developing lifelong learning skills 
  • Providing play where your child is in charge. The is no right or wrong way to interact 
  • Providing opportunities for creativity, imagination and confidence and positive learning associations that affirm your babies' capabilities 


Baskets/props not included and can be purchased separately. Colours chosen at random. 

Please do take the time to read our NavyBaby Caution Disclaimer. We always advise supervised play. 
As we continue to source affordable, quality, and safe items there is a rare occasion when some items may be out of stock and will be replaced with another item of equal or greater value.