140 Piece Set
140 Piece Set
140 Piece Set
140 Piece Set

140 Piece Set

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This 140 Piece Natural Wooden Collection brings loose part play to a whole new level for our older NavyBabies! (3+). 

This 140 piece collection offers a world of magic and free play to your child's space. Props for small world play, these wooden assortments fit into any play set ups you may offer your child. 

Items with no fixed purpose adapt, transform and relate to any interest your child may have or any theory they are working through.
When experimenting with loose parts and trying out all the different things one can do with each item (or items together), your child develops a sense of freedom to think for themselves. They creatively shape their world through play and using loose parts ensures the play can be relevant and meaningful to their current reality.

These items are A CHOKING HAZARD. Parental supervision strictly recommended at all times. 

Recommended age 3+.  Delivered in our Signature Cotton Bag with Colour Logo.

Item Dimensions:

Mushroom 23mm x 30mm

Disc 27mm x 7mm

UFO 30mm x 18mm

Honey Hive 25mm x 25mm

Cone Spike 45mm x 16mm

Egg 23mm x 32mm

Cone Droplet A 32mm x 23mm

Cone Droplet B 30mm x 33mm

Cone Spike 2 50mm x 25mm

Acorn 35mm x 25mm