B-Grade Jewels
B-Grade Jewels
B-Grade Jewels
B-Grade Jewels
B-Grade Jewels

B-Grade Jewels

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Available is an assortment of B -grade jewels for your little one. These jewels contain a small catch on their side where they have been snapped off from each other when the completion of the jewel is made. Normally here at NavyBaby we simply file this catch with a file (like a nail file) till smooth. We are leaving this catch for the buyer to file and therefore these jewels are priced to go! Hurry now to grab your self a steal! 

Jewels are for children 3 years and over. All information including descriptions and sizing can be read below in our detailed listing. 


****Below is the description used to sell the jewels****

The long anticipated NavyBaby Jewels are here! 

This vibrant assortment of sparkling jewels are a versatile, attractive loose part to add to any play! A truly captivating selection of trinkets that have endless play potential. The jewels are an easy to clean surface which aligns nicely with further messy play opportunities such as play dough, water, sand...oh the possibilities! 

Your Set of 10 includes:
3 x Circle Jewels - 52mm Diameter
1 x Thinner Oval Jewel - 58mm Length
4 x Eye Shape Jewels - 62mm Length
2 x Rectangle Jewels - 40mm Length 

Jewels are acrylic. Smaller Jewels (excluding the round Jewels) have one tiny hole at each end. Holes can be used for hanging Jewels. Due to the nature of acrylic there may be minimal internal/external light surface scratches on these items. Jewels are made joint before separating and therefore have a joining mark on one side. Please ensure you are comfortable with this before purchasing. 

Pictured is the current stock available. 
Child holding Jewels for reference is almost 4. 



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