Specialising in Heuristic, Open Ended Play Sets & Child Resources

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Heuristic Sets

Our NavyBaby Sets reflect our underlying philosophy of free play!  Each resource specifically targets creative, open ended play that fosters children to imagine, discover and delve into the world of natural investigation. All items align with heuristic, loose part play philosophies.


Loose Parts

NavyBaby offers the option to purchase individual items! Need to refresh your current supplies? Add to your exciting collection? Or simply start with a few of the favourites. We have you covered here at NavyBaby!!


Wooden Blocks

The NavyBaby 'Block Set' includes 10 untreated radiata pine square 6 cm blocks. 
Made locally by our talented craftsman, these smooth natural blocks are perfect for little hands to build, stack, create and use as props in play.

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The Stacker Set

The Stacker Set promotes opportunities for children to refine hand eye co-ordination, placement skills, visual and spatial perception, crossing own mid-line and cause and effect outcomes. The rings also can be used to explore circulatory schemas and are a fantastic addition to existing NavyBaby Base Sets or Top Up Sets.

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The NavyBaby Crochet Basket  is as cute as it looks. This basket is the perfect size to store your favourite NavyBaby items in one place. Handmade in our top selling grey and white tones this basket comfortably fits around 10 - 15 items and is approximately 20cm in diameter. 

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The Navybaby way


Here at NavyBaby we are passionate about how young children learn. We know that play is the key to all learning discoveries and that real, open ended resources provide better outcomes for children to develop creativity, imagination and sustained play.


Specialising in a selection of heuristic, loose part items that foster opportunities for childen to discover, create, imagine and direct their own natural learning and free play. 



Our vision ensures we carefully select specific items to create NavyBaby gift sets full of long lasting, heuristic play materials.

 "Guy loved his set from the moment it arrived! I haven't seen him this focused in play like this in a long time. Such an eye opener! The information sheet was a real bonus, Thank you!" 

Amy Henry

"We got your BEAUTIFUL Set!! Thank you so much!! I was actually teary yesterday watching them interact with these objects in a way I've never seen them interact with their other toys. As an ECE teacher I am PASSIONATE about open ended play objects like these that allow kids to be creative and imaginative."

Shawn Barron

Specialising in Heuristic, Open Ended Play Sets & Child Resources