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With over 5 years of connecting with everyday parents, we've included 5 sure-fire play setups that will have your baby focused on play, creating bonus time to fill your (coffee) cup!

All while your baby is gaining unparalleled opportunities through the open-ended toys you're providing. 

5 simple ways to catch a break, GUILT free!

Hiding in the cupboard for that sweet treat? No need!


Feeling guilty for wanting your morning coffee in peace? We've got you!


Easy Clean Rice Play

An easy, stimulating sensory experience is dry rice. I remember using an old suitcase when my kids were young to make for an easy clean up and boy did they love being inside it.

Love: Reusing the rice for next time!


Challenge Guaranteed

Genius! A paper towel roll & scotch tape is enough for this trick. Cut the roll right through and tape it to a window. This way larger balls will slide through!


Tip: This idea works on a wall if you have the right tape!


Hot Favourite

Whether a play gym or make shift mobile, hanging items is a great way to allow baby to visually inspect & physically investigate items from the supine position.


Adding differing textures, beats the same old boring plastic pieces!


Table Top Play

Children spend so much time on the floor. Sometimes changing up the level of play can help. Try a set up on the table, it's a great morning area to play while waiting for breakfast.


Tip: Set up the night before to make things super easy!


Ready, Set, Go!

Clear a space and display your sticks, cones and rainbow folk in the middle. Allow free play to take place!


"Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play" - Madga Gerber


Baby Approved

Have a wire basket or fruit bowl? Try something different & create an upside down learning hub! Putting items inside, on top, tied on, the opportunities are vast. 


Idea: Check out your Op Shops for older style baskets like this!

How does 250 more play ideas for FREE sound?

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