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Safety First


Safety information for your peace of mind:

✔️ Items of concern are tested at an accredited Toy Testing Laboratory.
✔️ All items meet standard AS/NZS 8124.1:2023 part 1. This is a baseline requirement for selling any toy to young children.
✔️ Items have been tested with a certified choking cylinder and internal checks regularly upheld.
✔️ Items bypass 3 differing quality control checks as they arrive on and depart our premises.
✔️ Safety cards and educational leaflets with all purchases.
✔️ Every product holds a detailed description, helping you make the most informed choice for you and your precious one. 
✔️ Our items are not designed to be teethers for your child with sore gums or those cutting teeth. If your child needs relief from teething, please use appropriate teethers.
✔️ We understand you know your child best and advise ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES. Your presence during play is the most effective way to ensure your child is safe.