Healthy, Safe Play

Safety around play and use:


With the nature of heuristic, loose part items it is of top priority to offer and supervise these in an appropriate, safe way for each and every child. We trust that parents and educators know their children best and we advise supervision at all times of play and exploration.

We want you to find a balance of supervising for safety and also allowing children to freely explore and manipulate these items at their will. A big part of our philosophy is the childs inner creativity and natural willingness to investigate different items. One way in which they do this is to mouth toys. Your babies fingertips and lips, have a high density of specific nerve endings. The childs sense of touch supports them to create understandings and is the central interface between their bodies and the outside world. They are creating informed judgements over time and collecting knowledge. Young children are also soothing sore and inflamed gums and are enjoying the relief that chewing on these items give them.

We advocate for allowing children to use these items in the way they wish, while an attentive adult observes at all times for safe, healthy play and discovery!