B-Grade Product Sets

Set Option

With the nature of shipping freight and handling, over time we acquire a selection of second hand loose parts in our stock room. These loose parts have visual and physical defects of a varying degree, all that of course foster fantastic play opportunities - they just need a little extra sanding, TLC or have a mark that simply means they become B grade stock. 

Examples of defects are:

- Wooden items may be rough and need sanding. 
- Metal items may be dented or marked. 
- Material items may be marked or discoloured. 
- Items may have a sticker on them. 
- Wooden items may have grain markings or dents. 
- Items may have glue residue that needs wiped off. 
- Metal items may depict a residue or weathered appearance. 

Before you purchase any of the listed B-Grade Sets from the drop down box please read the following;

- Items are second hand quality.
- Expect items to be visually and physically impaired.
- You will need to check these items carefully after courier delivery and before you give to your child.
- You will need to inspect each item and for example lightly sand any wooden items necessary.
- Items may wear and tear or deteriorate faster than our retail loose parts due to having a defect. 
- No refunds or replacements are available. 

All Sets come in an organza bag.

Items broken in transit will be individually refunded. 

No codes are valid when purchasing seconds. 
Some sets will be sent in a recycled plastic bag.