Rainbow Folk


12 captivating, Rainbow Folk! Generous in size and beautifully painted to let the imagination feed the soul. Larger than the common Peg Figures this group of Coloured Folk stand 65mm in height and have a base of 40mm. They are simply perfect for play. 

We recently asked 5 individual children under the age of 6 what they seen when shown a picture of these figures. Their answers reminded me how rich and crucial open ended items are to ignite the child's inner voice. An item left open for interpretation is truly resourceful in many many ways. The 5 answers were, “colour people”, “a singing choir, like Mummys”, “my soldiers”, “friends” and “Mum can I have some of them”.  Priceless. Even if a child can't verbalise their interpretation of these Folk, you will see in play the roles they take on! 

Rainbow Folk are 12 individual Colours. These may vary from pictures from batch to batch as colour mixing can slightly change. Small wood imperfections can be present. We believe this is part of their magic and adds character to this stunning collection.