Organza Scarf Packs

A Set of 4 or 6 large, soft organza squares. As open-ended as it gets. These transparent pieces are a fabulous starter for babe to toddler. 
Each item is sewn around the outside.
65cm high and wide. 
Colours are chosen at random. 
Delivered in an organza bag. 
Basket not included. 
Please note:
Recommendation age 11 months + 
Parental supervision before this is advised. 
Due to the delicate nature of organza material, sewn ends may contain overruns (frays or loose threads). These can be easily cut off.  We recommend checking this item upon receiving and thereafter.
Additionally, colour dye may run if heavily mouthed, submerged in water, or consistently sucked on. The dye is non-toxic, child approved. If your young baby is interested in sucking scarves and this material, we recommend our plain white scarf on the loose part list.