Play Shawl Bright


The NavyBaby Play Shawl is a versatile prop with a multitude of possibilities. This open ended play item makes the list of NavyBaby's top 10 must haves for your older child's play space. Here's why...

Let your child run free with this magical cape, watch them wrap their bodies and transform into their favourite superhero. 

Lay the Shawl down and watch as this foundation piece transforms into the backdrop for a playscape. 

Hang it high, make a baby hammock, tie it. The opportunities are vast and we can't wait to see what your child brings to life with this sure to be favouite. 

Colour: 3 tone shawl, purple, green & blue. 
This play Shawl is a wonderful 2.2 metres in length and 1.2 metres wide. This large Shawl is a blend of silk, rayon and cotton to complete it's stunning soft and smooth finish. Measurements are accurate to 1-3 cm.