$5.00 Engraving available now!

Stainless Steel Triangle


Who can resist this Stainless Steel piece! It’s partner in crime - the Stainless Steel Oval is a top seller so another addition was a must! A large, smooth triangle to ignite the imagination and satisfy the senses. 

Approximately 7.5cm


Safety information for your peace of mind:

 Items of concern are tested at an accredited Toy Testing Laboratory.

All items meet standard AS/NZS 8124.1:2023 part 1. This is a baseline requirement for selling any toy to young children.

Items have been tested with a certified choking cylinder and internal checks regularly upheld.

Items bypass 3 differing quality control checks as they arrive on and depart our premises.

Safety cards/educational leaflets with all purchases, support the customer. 

Every product holds a detailed description, helping you make the most informed choice for you and your precious one.  

Our items are not designed to be teethers for your child with sore gums or those cutting teeth. If your child needs relief from teething, please use appropriate teethers.

We understand you know your child best and advise ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES. Your presence during play is the most effective way to ensure your child is safe.


Are NavyBaby items compliment with safety regulations?
Items of concern at NavyBaby Ltd have been tested by an outsourced accredited Laboratory to meet the standard set as stated in:
AS/NZS 8124.1:2023 Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties. 

This means, not only have our toys been tested to make sure they are of the correct size, they have also been through several other necessary testing procedures including; Drop Test, Tension Test, Torque Test, Compression Test, Small Parts Test.

All tested items conform and comply. Compliance with the requirements will not, nor is it intended to, eliminate parental responsibility in the appropriate selection of toys. In addition, this part of ISO 8124 will not eliminate the need for parental supervision in situations where children of various ages may have access to the same toy(s).

To read more about effective supervision, safety and how to introduce these items, click here;

Are the items safe?
Heuristic, loose part play items are real world objects and therefore we advise all play to be supervised by an adult at all times.
Additional to the safety testing requirements (above), our items have been checked for quality assurance when packed. Please ensure all objects are checked again prior to use (in the chance of shipping damage) and are continually monitored for general wear and tear reasons. If you feel any items are currently not suitable for your child/ren then please remove them and reintroduce at a time more appropriate. For a closer look into our items click here.

What age is best for heuristic play?
Our Heuristic Sets and Loose Parts are suitable for infants who are grasping, right up to 36 months of age and beyond. Many clients purchase products before 4 months as the items can be used as visual play when baby is having floor time (after all looking is learning). Be sure to check out the descriptions on each product for a sure direction.

How do I know what to give my baby first?
Each Set has a great description to guide your choice. The Baby's First Set has been designed for the newly grasping infant. Continue to introduce more items and increase the collection accessible to your child. Its important you feel comfortable with what your child is playing with, if you feel any items are currently not suitable for your child/ren then please remove them and reintroduce at a time more appropriate. For a closer look into our items click here.

What should I buy my older toddler?
We recommend firstly having a foundation of open ended items as a base for your child’s play. We then suggest looking at ‘multiples’ (eg 5 wooden buttons instead of 1). This provides more complex opportunities for a toddler/pre-schooler to create, transform and utilise as props in play. Our Wooden Blocks are also a very popular addition to multiple loose parts for older children.

What items will I get in my Set?
Each Set description lists the items included so each customer can ensure they know what they are getting. Please note that some items are differing in colour to those that are photographed. You will also receive a NavyBaby safety card and information pamphlet.

Do you ship internationally?
At this stage we ship to Australia. There is a minimum spend of $48.00 and your parcel will be sent with NZ Post tracked or un-tracked. Prices will appear via the checkout. Please note; processing times can take up to 5 business days before your order will be sent. 

I'm purchasing for a gift, do you add personalised messages?
We sure do. Make sure to leave your desired message in the comment section as you head through to the checkout. If the gift is heading straight to the recipient we will ensure there is no invoice/statement included.

I've purchased a NavyBaby Custom Basket & need help with how to reshape it.
Of course! Click the link here to our demonstration. Any other help required please message in. 

How do I order Loose Parts?
Loose Parts can be added to your cart via the shop. Use the drop down boxes to select the item and the quantity you require. Choosing 1 means you will receive 1 item. The items are photographed can be displayed in groups from all angles to give effect.

Do you offer gift wrapping?
We don't. Our customers can choose from one of our Cotton Drawstring Bags or Organza bag to deliver items in. We also have a range of baskets that compliment the display of toys perfectly. 

How long does delivery take?
Being a stay at home Mum, I like to give a 2 day window to complete your order before shipping your goods. Our courier company has a delivery target of 1-3 working days (a guide only). We always aim for a 24 hour turn around but also state this 5 day delivery time to make sure clients understand the potential timeframe it could take.  

Can I pick up an order?
Yes! We are located in Invercargill. If you wish to pick up your order, please enter the code: IWILLPICKUP at checkout and get in touch to arrange a day and time for collection.

NavyBaby Play items are covered by a 90-day product warranty from the date of purchase. This covers defects and/or brakeages.

For items deemed subject to fair wear and tear, accidental damages or misuse, a full refund will not be provided. NavyBaby Ltd has the right to assess the condition goods prior to arranging a remedy. Items accepted for returns must have proof of purchase, including receipt, within 90 days of purchase date. For further information, please contact our support team at info@navybaby.co.nz


For questions, direction and assistance please contact info@navybaby.co.nz. Please include your full name and relevant details of purchase. For change of mind, shipping and handling charges are non-refundable and at the cost of the customer. Sale/Clearance items cannot be returned for change of mind. Please allow up to 14 business days for processing times.


What does heuristic mean?

‘Heuristic’ - Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves. 

‘Loose parts’ - Objects and materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play. With endless possibilities they provide a higher level of creativity and choice and develop children's imagination.